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Date:              12 Feb 1998
From:             Cliff Bird (

Subject:      Re: 460 SQUADRON


My name is Cliff Bird. I was an air gunner in the 460 Squadron (my son James is typing this for me). We had a twenty millimetre cannon in our plane and I was wondering how many of the lancs were equipped with a 20 mm cannon, together with two .50s.

Best regards,



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Date:            Friday, 13 February 1998
From:           Cliff Bird (

Subject:       Re: 460 SQUADRON

Hi Peter:

Thank you so much for your response, am glad to hear you can put questions on the home page. I'm a born and raised Canadian. I moved into an Aussie crew when I lost my Canadian crew at OTU (Operational Training Unit). This was quite a natural thing for an Aussie crew without a tail gunner, and me without a crew, to get together.

I have kept in touch with my crew ever since, and since retiring, I have been over to Australia to see them 4 times.

I flew in Doug James' crew in the 460 Squadron, out of Binbrook in Lancs.

The particular plane we flew in was named "B" for Baker.

Best Regards



Bill Moffat in Sydney, passed on to me the following details of Doug James' regular crew:-

D.A. James, Pilot
N. Annis (English), Engineer
M.J. Nottage, Bomb Aimer
K. Fitzsimmons, Navigator
D. McGregor, Wireless Air Gunner
B. C. McDonald, Mid Upper Gunner
Cliff Bird, Rear Gunner


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Subject:     460 info
Date:              Fri, 10 Apr 1998
From:   (John Bird)


hi, you have done a fantastic job on your home 460 page.

My father Cliff Bird flew with 460 Squadron and is in your list of email correspondences, however i think the wrong email address for him is listed. The one you have is close but it should be

If you could correct that im sure he would appreciate it because he would like to hear from the other 460 Squadron people. He was asking about 20 mm canons were on other Lancasters but im wondering whether people have tried to respond to no avail because of the wrong email address. Thanks.

I once found a home page that listed every 460 Squadron crew but i cant find it anymore.

In Hamilton Ontario, Canada there is a Lancaster that is still flying and is based at the aircraft museum there. It goes on tour to air  shows and is like a flying museum. They have nifty bomber command items at the airport such as towels with the squadron insignia etc.


Dr. John Bird <>
URL <>


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Subject:    More 460 Info
Date:             Sat, 11 Apr 1998
From:           Larry Bird <>


You may remember my Father, Cliff, from other emails regarding 460 Info.  My brothers John and James have written in, my other brother, Don, has yet to, but now the gauntlet is down.  I will include my 12 year old daughter, Suzy's, award wining speech about her Grandpa's missions with 460 Squadron.  Feel free to use all of it or some of it as you see fit. Particularly poignant for us living here in Southern Ontario, is the description of Operation Manna. A new subdivision was recently opened and named after that mission by a Dutch survivor that benefited from it.

Here is the speech ...                     Click here for Suzy's speech



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Subject:   460 Squadron RAAF - Suzy's speech
Date:           Sun, 16 Apr 2000 12:00:21 -0700
From:          Donald Bird <>

I am yet another son of Cliff Bird, and he forwarded you message to me. I thought I would let you know that, by way of a copy of this message, I am sending a copy of your message to Suzi Bird, who, as you might have guessed, is no longer 12 years old! She has just turned 15!

Although my Dad could not open your Word file attachment, I was able to and I have told him that it is a copy of the speech from your web page.

I think Suzi will be quite pleased to be so famous.

Donald Bird


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