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The Land Headquarters of the Australian Army had their LHQ Tactical School at the Beenleigh Showgrounds in south east Queensland during WW2. AWAS were also employed at the LHQ Tactical School . It had moved to Beenleigh from somewhere in New South Wales

An Officer's Camp was setup initially in the showgrounds. A plan for this Officer's Camp can be found on the National Archives web site. Another Source that I have shows that the LHQ Tactical School and M.I. was located in the Beenleigh Showgrounds (RP Nos. 380, 856, 274, 281, 282, 283, 286, 299, 300, 316, 1062, 177). (Does M.I. stand for Military Intelligence? The School of Military Intelligence had moved from Victoria to Redcliffe, QLD and then to Southport, QLD ). This Officer's Camp may have also covered some of the land now occupied by the Beenleigh Primary School in James Street, Beenleigh.

Local Eagleby resident, Cec Clark can remember the Army Training School located in the showgrounds. He told me that he could remember all the tents that they lived in. He assumed they may have used the old pavilion for their training. This pavilion was burnt down after the war and has since been replaced. 

Cec told me that some of the Officer's wives would stay at the Imperial Hotel in Beenleigh and there was a bit of a drama on occasions when the publican, Jack Toomey, would complain about the length of lime the ladies spent in the showers!! Cec Clark said that there were also AWAS camped in the Beenleigh Showgrounds at some stage.

Cec Clark mentioned that the Army also had a gun emplacement on nearby Yellow Wood Mountain.


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