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In September 1939, the 2nd Military District of the Australian Army covered all of New South Wales. The headquarters for the 2nd Military District was located in Sydney.


2nd Military District: HQ Sydney, New South Wales

Base Units

'A' Field Battery, RAA (PF): Paddington

1st Heavy Brigade, RAA: George's Head 
     1st Heavy Battery, RAA (PF): South Head
     101st Heavy Battery, RAA (M): South Head
     2nd Heavy Battery, RAA (PF): George's Head
     102nd Heavy Battery, RAA (M): George's Head
     3rd Heavy Battery, RAA (PF): Newcastle
     103rd Heavy Battery, RAA (M): Newcastle

2nd Fortress Company, RAE (PF): Sydney

8th Fortress Company, RAE (PF): Newcastle

5th Heavy Brigade, RAA: South Head
     13th Heavy Battery, RAA (PF): Newcastle
     113th Heavy Battery, RAA (M): Newcastle
     14th Heavy Battery, RAA (PF): Mosman
     114th Heavy Battery, RAA (M): Mosman
     15th Heavy Battery, RAA (PF): South Head
     115th Heavy Battery, RAA (M): South Head
     16th Heavy Battery, RAA (PF): South Head
     116th Heavy Battery, RAA (M): South Head

1st Anti-Aircraft Brigade, RAA: Sydney
     1st Anti-Aircraft Battery and Cadre, RAA: Mosman
     2nd Anti-Aircraft Battery and Cadre, RAA: Sydney - War-station at Darwin
     3rd Anti-Aircraft Battery and Cadre, RAA: Newcastle

1st Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Company, RAE: Sydney

33rd Fortress Company, RAE: Paddington

39th Fortress Company, RAE: Newcastle

51st Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Company, RAE (M): Sydney

52nd Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Company, RAE (M): Sydney

1st Light Tank Company, Australian Tank Corps: Randwick


1st Cavalry Division

21st Field Brigade, RAA (28th, 35th, 36th Btys): Parramatta

1st Field Squadron, RAE (Less 1st Troop): Paddington

2nd Armoured Car Regiment: Bringeley (Attached)

2nd Cavalry Brigade: HQ Armidale
     12th Light Horse Regiment (The New England Light Horse): Armidale
     24th Light Horse Regiment(The Gwydir Regiment): Moree
     15th Light Horse Regiment (The Northern River Lancers): Lismore
     16th Light Horse (M.G.) Regiment (The Hunter River Lancers): East Maitland

4th Cavalry Brigade: HQ Paddington
     1st Light Horse (M.G.) Regiment (The Royal New South Wales Lancers): Randwick
     6th Light Horse Regiment (The New South Wales Mounted Rifles): Parkes
     7th Light Horse Regiment (The Australian Horse): Goulburn
     21st Light Horse Regiment (The Riverina Horse): Wagga Wagga


1st Infantry Division

HQ Royal Australian Artillery: Paddington
     1st Field Brigade, RAA (1st, 2nd, 101st Btys): Hamilton
     7th Field Brigade, RAA (25th,  27th, 107th Btys): Willoughby
     1st Medium Brigade, RAA (1st, 2nd, 3rd Btys): Randwich
     No. 1 Artillery Survey Company: Paddington

1st Field Company, RAE: Waratah

8th Field Company, RAE: Crow's Nest

1st Infantry Brigade: HQ Newcastle
     2nd/35th Battalion (The City of Newcastle Regiment/Newcastle's Own Regiment): Newcastle
     13th Battalion (The Maitland Regiment): West Maitland
     33rd Battalion (The New England Regiment): Tamworth
     41st Battalion (The Byron Regiment): Lismore

8th Infantry Brigade: HQ Crow's Nest
     18th Battalion (The Kuring-Gai Regiment): Willoughby
     30th Battalion (The New South Wales Scottish Regiment): Miller's Point
     36th Battalion (The St. George English Rifle Regiment): Haberfield


2nd Infantry Division

9th Field Brigade, RAA (20th, 21st, 109th Btys): Paddington

14th Field Brigade, RAA ( 53rd, 54th, 114th Btys): Marrickville

18th Field Brigade, RAA (117th Bty): Paddington
     60th Field Battery: Hurstville
     61st Field Battery: Marrickville

5th, 9th, 14th Field Companies, RAE: Paddington

5th Infantry Brigade: HQ Parramatta
     4th Battalion (The Australian Rifles): Homebush
     20th/19th Battalion (The Paramatta and Blue Moutain Regiment/The South Sydney Regiment): Parramatta
     54th Battalion (The Lachlan-Macquarie Regiment): Orange
     56th Battalion (The Riverina Regiment): Cootamundra

9th Infantry Brigade: HQ Paddington
     1st Battalion (The City of Sydney Regiment): Paddington
     17th Battalion (The North Sydney Regiment): North Sydney
     45th Battalion (The St. George Regiment): Arncliffe
     The Sydney University Regiment (Attached): Newtown

14th Infantry Brigade: HQ Marrickville
     3rd Battalion (The Werriwa Regiment): Goulburn
     34th Battalion (The Illawara Regiment): Wollongong
     55th/53rd Battalion (The New South Wales Rifle Regiment/The West Sydney Regiment: Marrickville


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