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The First District Depot Company AAOC, a Militia unit, was formed in 1939 following a re-organisation of the Number 1 Ammunition Company AAOC. Their headquarters moved to Enoggera, Brisbane, Queensland later in 1939. Numbers in the group grew to 135 personnel. The role of the unit was to supplement the permanent Ordnance Depot at nearby Gaythorne.

The First District Depot Company AAOC comprised a Workshop Section and a Stores Section (General Stores and Ammunition Stores). The Stores Section handled all stores and equipment less food and forage. Lt. A.J. Pixley was the officer in charge of the Workshop Section and Lt. H.N. Vidgen was in charge of the Stores Section.

The unit camped at Gaythorne in May 1939 on the site of the later 1 BOD Officers Mess at Gaythorne. The camp overlooked the Duncan Sports Oval.

The 1st Military District's mobilisation stores were located at the Gaythorne Stores Depot. They comprised WW1 vintage equipment.

At the start of WW2, an enlistment Centre was established at St. Paul's Terrace to process new volunteers. Once enlisted they would move to Gaythorne for 12 weeks of initial training. By this time the unit occupied a large area in Gaythorne. Their Headquarters was now located in a building at Gaythorne which later became the Duty Room for 1 Base Ordnance Depot, and was later used by 11 Supply Battalion.

Lt. H.N. Vidgen of the Stores Section took an Ordnance Detachment to Cowan Battery at Cowan Cowan on Moreton Island for two weeks to provide Ordnance support for the Artillery Battery stationed there. While located at Cowan Cowan two large unidentified warships appeared on the horizon. The Battery Commander considered firing on the ships but decided to wait to see if they could be identified. They were eventually identified as two British warships.

On 3 October 1939, Captain Vidgen, who by then was the Commanding Officer of the First District Depot Company, was appointed as Deputy Assistant Director Ordnance Services (DADOS) in the 1st Military District. His 2IC, Lt. J.W. Lawson was promoted to acting Captain. 

Captain J. W. Lawson was appointed as Officer Commanding in August 1940.

In September 1942, all Militia Ordnance units in the 1st Military District were discontinued and personnel transferred to the AIF.


Ammunition Depot Fraser's Paddock, Ashgrove



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"Ordnance Citizen Forces Queensland, A History of Units and Personnel, 1925-1998"
by G.J. Sheehan OAM


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