Warrill Creek Airfield (Relief Landing Ground) was located 8 1/2 miles south west of Ipswich, in southern Queensland during WWII. It was also known as "Warwick Road or "Mutdapilly".

The land for the airfield was acquired under the Commonwealth National Security (General) Regulations and was assigned to the Chief of Air Staff, RAAF. The land was then turned over to the American Air Corps for the construction of the airfield. This did not give the US Army or Air Corps any title to the land. All properties acquired under the National Security Regulations reverted back to the Commonwealth of Australia six months after the war.

The airfield was a cleared and graded lightly grassed airfield 3,400 feet long by 150 feet wide. The initial clearing of the land for the airfield was carried out by US Coloured service personnel. It was built by the Main Road Commission and taken over by USAAC in May 1942. It had a 2% rise to a timbered skyline at the northern end with a 4% rise to a timbered skyline at the southern end. It was a satellite field for Amberley Airfield which was located 4 miles away.

The airfield was constructed under USA authority and funds and was known to them as 10 Mile Swamp Strip. It was suitable for fighter aircraft under favourable conditions and light commercial aircraft. There were no building, accommodation or services on site.

By March 1944 the airfield was under RAAF control and was "completely overun with grass and brush".

There are no longer any visible signs of the WWII airfield. It ran almost north south (2 Mag.) and the southern end would have crossed near the starting line of today's Dragway at the Willowbank Raceway.


Photo:- NAA 15 April 1943

The Highway from Ipswich to Warwick can be seen above
the airfield going generally left (north) to right (south).


Photo:- NAA

10 Mile Swamp Airfield


Photo:- Lyle Radford (Freelance Photographer)

Starting line at the Drag Racing at Willowbank Raceway



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