Subject:    Archerfield website
Date:             Wed, 10 Jan 2001 21:50:52 -0800
From:           "Trudy oostenbroek" <skatoo@iprimus.com.au>

Hi there, my name is Andrew and I just by chance found you website which I absolutely find amazing to say the least. I am a 37 year old who as a child was extremely passionate about aircraft and to the point where my parents decided the first house they would ever own would be situated close to an airport which ended up being right at Archerfield. As a kid with that kind of a desire for aircraft and a pushbike I'd spend a great portion of my available time at the aerodrome. Many people there got to know me as a result and I was lucky enough to even get the odd plane ride from some of these people. Eventually when old enough I ended up working for a man named Nigel who worked for Hawker Pacific as an aircraft spray painter but an allergy to the paints and chemicals forced me to give up my once in a lifetime opportunity working there. A lack of available funds have kept me from affording to fly and get a pilots license but to this day I still spend a lot of my available time just sitting there and watching aircraft come and go. Your pics that I have been viewing are of interest to me because having lived there most of my life I find it an interesting comparison to how I remembered the area compared to the very old photos (especially the aerial shots) and I can even work out approximately where our house was to be built many years later in one or two of the pics. I myself may have some colour photos of some of the aircraft that have attended Archerfield during airshows over the years as I have never missed a show since I can remember. If you'd like to see them I could scan them and send them to you when I get my main computer back from the repair shop. I even have a camcorder video tape of one of the airshows to if that is of any interest. Thanks for the great website and I look forward to you reply. My normal email address is maoosty@iprimus.com.au however that computer has had a hard drive crash and is away having warranty work done to it. Meanwhile, I am making do with my wife's old 486 computer which is making do for now and I can be contacted on her email address skatoo@iprimus.com.au

Andrew Oostenbroek



Subject:     Archerfield website
Date:              Thu, 11 Jan 2001 22:39:25 -0800
From:            "Trudy oostenbroek" <skatoo@iprimus.com.au>

Hi again Peter,

Yes I did see just about everything that was on your site and I think it is great. I actually lived in a little dead-end street called "MacGinley" street that was located off Desgrand street closer to the Boundary road end.

Some of your aerial photos make it possible for me to actually pinpoint with a certain degree of accuracy where I lived.

Anyway, I appreciate you mailing me back. Thanks!

Kind regards,
Andrew Oostenbroek


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