Oakey airfield started with the establishment of No. 6 Aircraft Depot (6AD) on 14 October 1943. The original plan approved on 25 May 1942 called for 6AD to be located at Chinchilla. On 22 December 1942 the RAAF Development Program was reviewed and 6AD was approved for establishment at Oakey. The proposed personnel establishment for 6AD was as follows:-

RAAF:  70 Officers, 5 nurses, 218 Sergeants and above and 1,458 Corporals and below. Total 1,751

WAAAF:  5 Officers, 7 Sergeants and 236 Corporals and below:  Total 248

Total Establishment 1,990

Work on the construction of 6AD was started by the Civil Construction Corps on 15 March 1943.

The Aircraft Depot's primary function was to relieve, repair and and carrout overhaul work then being done at No. 3 Aircraft Depot at Amberley airfield and to act as a forward depot for aircraft operating from New Guinea and northern Australia. The Depot serviced, assembled and conducted test flights of Beaufort, Mustang Norsemen, Wirraway and Spitfire aircraft. They also serviced large quantities of communications equipment and radio compass receivers.

Nine American type workshop hangars originally consigned from the USA to the Admiralty in SIngapore were obtained from the USASOS for 6AD at Oakey airfield.

The airfield site (RAAF Property No. 2520) was 934 acres which comprised a 400 feet landing strip and 2 hard surfaced runways on bearings 45 degrees and 135 degrees.  99,300 was alloctaed for the airfield and 200,000 for buildings and engineering services.



Edmond (Ted) Brault served in the 18th Squadron NEI-AF. He initially served at McDonald airfield in Western Australia. He was then posted to Oakey airfield in 1944 and served as a guard in the Security Guard Unit using guard dogs.


The following photos by Ted Brault were made available by
Ted's son, Rod Brault via my friend Randell Summerville.

oakey01.jpg (144017 bytes) A Mustang at Oakey airfield
oakey02.jpg (99578 bytes)

RAAF Guard dogs at Oakey airfield

oakey03.jpg (151755 bytes)

Joyce in 1944



25 Sep 44 Oakey RAAF Wackett ?
abt Jan 45 Oakey RAAF F.VC Spitfire A58-180 (JG912)
abt Jul 45 Oakey RAAF LF.VIII Spitfire A58-444 (PA958)
abt Oct 45 Oakey RAAF Beaufighter A8-96


Today, the original airfield is home to the Oakey Army Aviation Base.


fp13.jpg (166793 bytes) History of Oakey airfield


Australian Army Flying Museum, Oakey, Queensland



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