17 Feb 1942 V 1327 (Radio Call Sign UV-?)

RAAF 402897 Sgt Ware, J H Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 402894 Sgt Tresidder, R L (2nd Pilot)
RAF Sgt Ashplant, W L (Observer)
RAF Sgt Davies, C C (1st Wireless Operator)
RAF Sgt Dutton, F (2nd Wireless Operator)
RAF Sgt Dickeson, C R (Rear Gunner)

Night cross country training flight Breighton Peterborough Harwell Pershore Sywell Breighton. Crashed hillside at Farnley Farm near Huddersfield.
13 Mar 1942 X 1251 (Radio Call Sign UV-X)

RNZAF Sgt Cooney, J P D Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 404688 Sgt Turnock, J S (2nd Pilot)
RAAF 400413 Sgt Hart, I E (Observer)
RAF Sgt Woodward, J (1st Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RAF Sgt Winter, G N (Front Gunner)
RAF Sgt Pascoe, W A (Rear Gunner)

Target Dunkirk, France. Crashed at St Georges near Yeser Canal, Belgium.
29 Apr 1942 Z 1290 (Radio Call Sign UV-T)

RAAF 402885 Flt Sgt Shephard, L M Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 404868 Sgt Carpender, J F (2nd Pilot)
RAAF 402836 PO Bond, R (Observer)
RAAF 402600 Sgt McIlveen, T H (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RAAF 404661 Sgt Perroux, W W (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RAAF 408122 Sgt Cosgrove, J P (Air Gunner)

Kiel, Germany. Crashed in the vicinity of Neumunster.
7 May 1942 Z 1413 (Radio Call Sign UV-X)

RAAF 402362 FO Kennedy, W J Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 406180 PO Keys, I F (2nd Pilot)
RAAF 402913 PO Train, H R (Observer)
RNZAF Sgt Sharp, S H
RAAF 400762 Sgt Stephenson, J M (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RAAF 406089 PO Ferry, R R (Air Gunner)

Stuttgart, Germany
7 May 1942 Z 1254 (Radio Call Sign UV-L)

RAF Sqn Ldr Gilbert C L Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 404705 Sgt Murphy, R H (2nd Pilot)
RAAF 400335 Sgt Shearer, J R (Observer)
RAF Sgt Dixon, C N (Wireless Operator)
RAAF 404421 Sgt Lake, J G (Air Gunner)
RCAF Flt Sgt Fogg, K A (Air Gunner)

Stuttgart, Germany

30 May 1942

Z 1388 (Radio Call Sign UV-J)

RAAF 407192 Flt Lt Bourke, T H Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 404353 FO Murphy, W M (Observer)
RAAF 407285 Flt Sgt Davis, R P (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RAAF 407280 Flt Sgt Balleine, B G P (Front Gunner)
RAAF 402290 Sgt Holborow, A T (Rear Gunner)

Gennevilliers, France.

1 Jun 1942

Z 1311 (Radio Call Sign UV-Z)

RAAF 404701 Sgt Walsh, J F Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 14243 Sgt Spongberg, W M (2nd Pilot)
RAAF 403576 Sgt Fitzgerald, M M (Observer)
RAF Sgt Lee, T (Bombaimer)
RAF Sgt Moore, J B (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RAAF 402612 Sgt Sams, W H (Air Gunner)

Essen, Germany

2 Jun 1942

Z 1344 (Radio Call Sign UV-W)

RAF FO Holland, A J Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 406349 Sgt Douglas, C S (2nd Pilot)
RAAF 400080 Sgt Dansey, A P D (Observer)
RAAF 406136 Flt Sgt Beinke, D R (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RAAF 408047 Sgt Cheese, W D (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RAAF 407308 Flt Sgt Watkins, T L (Air Gunner)

Essen, Germany

3 Jun 1942

Z 1394 (Radio Call Sign UV-Q)

RAAF 402742 FO Keene, J W Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 400894 Flt Sgt Waldon, R F (Observer)
RAF Sgt Kendall, W (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RAAF 404471 Sgt Butterworth, D (Front Gunner)
RAAF 407282 Flt Sgt Biglands, R J (Rear Gunner)

Essen, Germany

3 Jun 1942

Z 1249 (Radio Call Sign UV-K)

RAAF 402910 Flt Sgt Levitus, S Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 400524 Flt Sgt Brodie, H R (Observer)
RAAF 405020 Sgt Gaiter, J A (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RCAF Flt Sgt Read, R G (Air Gunner)
RAF Sgt Townsend, T G (Air Gunner)

Essen, Germany?

8 Jun 1942 Z 1412 RAAF 021976 Flight Lieutenant Douglas David Hurditch
RAF 747961 Flight Sergeant C.D. Hendon (Navigator)
RAAF Pilot Officer Eric Francis Maher Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RAF 1006942 Sergeant D. Tinkler (Air Gunner)
RAF Sergeant Colin Mills Campbell (Air Gunner)
Essen, Germany/Haarlam, Dutch coast near Leiden

Air Gunner Colin Campbell KIA and the other 4 as POWS

20 Jun 1942 Z 14860 RAAF 400805 Warrant Officer David Gordon Kitchen
RAF 1281960 D.W. Watson (Bomb Aimer)
RAAF 403109 Lionel Heyman James (Navigator/Observer)
RAAF 401408 Sergeant Maurice Anivitti (Air Gunner)
RAAF 400160 Sergeant Geoffrey Lovell Stevens (Wireless Operator/Air Gunner)
C.W. Lanham?? Shown on John Watson Crew list but cannot find them in NAA records - May not have been onboard
A.A. Penglase?? Shown on John Watson Crew list but cannot find them in NAA records - May not have been onboard
Emden/Rysum, All KIA

22 Jun 1942

Z 1383 (Radio Call Sign UV-D)

RAAF 400578 Flt Sgt Buckingham, R J Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 400333 Sgt Roget, R G M (Observer)
RAAF 403479 Sgt Martin, F R (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RAAF 403277 Sgt McQueen, W S (Air Gunner)
RAF Sgt Moores, J (Air Gunner)

Mine laying operation in French waters off Lorient.

3 Jul 1942

Z 1381 (Radio Call Sign UV-H)

RAAF 404784 Flt Sgt Johnston, A M Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 407709 Sgt Downing, D (2nd Pilot)
RAAF 405001 Sgt Wyllie, M J MID, (Observer)
RAAF 405139 Sgt Radke, D A (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RAAF 407775 Sgt Taylor, W J (Wireless Operator Air Gunner-Front Gunner)
RAAF 402479 WO Reed, W G DCM (Rear Gunner)

Bremen, Germany.

3 Jul 1942

Z 1470 (Radio Call Sign UV-R)

RAAF 404844 Sgt Whittick, A F Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 406272 FO Webb, A E W (Observer)
RAAF 403409 FO Lark, C O (Observer)
RAAF 401237 Sgt Hancocks, J D (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RAAF 406444 Sgt McCrea, A E (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)

Bremen, Germany.

12 Jul 1942

Z 1328 (Radio Call Sign UV-U)

RAAF 407534 Sgt Moyle, A L Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 404948 Sgt Brayne, F C (2nd Pilot)
RAAF 402551 Sgt Sharkey, R J B (Observer)
RAAF 404950 Sgt Belford, T D (Observer)
RAAF 403785 Sgt Perry, R J (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RAAF 407844 Sgt Dreyer, L C U (Air Gunner)

Mine laying operation in the vicinity of the Frisian Islands off the North West coast of Holland.

26 Jul 1942

Z 1399 (Radio Call Sign UV-P)

RAAF 406344 Flt Lt Burgess, C H Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 400330 Flt Sgt Nettle, W H (Observer)
RAF Sgt Bagley, D (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RAF Sgt Milligan, J M (Front Gunner)
RAAF 407298 PO Mills, D B (Rear Gunner)

Duisberg Germany.

26 Jul 1942

Z 1462 (Radio Call Sign UV-R)

RAF 40053 Sqn Ldr Leighton, J W E MID Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 405219 Sgt Sinclair, C F (Observer)
RAAF 404804 Sgt Sherman, R (Bomb Aimer)
RAAF 6201 Sgt Taylor, W G (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RAAF 407834 Sgt Sams, L J (Air Gunner)

Duisberg Germany.

27 Jul 1942

Z 1335 (Radio Call Sign UV-C)

RAAF 402760 F/O Breen F J Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 403965 Sgt Storey, J (Observer)
RAAF 405066 Sgt Bice, A A (Bombaimer)
RAAF 401865 Sgt Tulloh, I T (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RAAF 400741 Sgt Tinkler, A E (Air Gunner)

Hamburg, Germany.

27 Jul 1942

Z 1483 (Radio Call Sign UV-D)

RAAF 406359 Flt Lt Keyser, V F Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 400974 PO Ferguson, K McD (Observer)
RAF Sgt Horsfall, W E (Air Bomber)
RAAF 402947 Sgt Gower, G R (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RAAF 408143 Flt Sgt Foley, M J (Air Gunner)

Hamburg, Germany.

4 Aug 1942

Z 1422 (Radio Call Sign UV-W)

RAAF 402948 PO Grand, A G Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 405273 Sgt Howard, A W (Navigator)
RAAF 405274 Sgt Mac Leod, A D (Air Bomber)
RAAF 404313 Sgt Hobgen, T C (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RAAF 405277 Sgt Lowis, C R D (Air Gunner)

Gardening operation.

10 Aug 1942

Z 1463 (Radio Call Sign UV-L)

RAAF 403175 Flt Sgt Finlay, J A Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 401080 Sgt Ponton, R A (Observer)
RAAF 403561 Sgt Dan, N (Bomb Aimer) *
RNZAF Flt Sgt Goord S B (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RAAF 402832 Flt Sgt Smith, K A (Air Gunner) *

* Members of No 27 Operational Training Unit RAF.

Osnabruck, Germany.

13 Aug 1942

Z 1404 (Radio Call Sign UV-J)

RAAF 400886 FO Clegg, W A Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 405208 Sgt Holland, A (Navigator)
RAAF 405194 Sgt Smith, R D (Bomb Aimer)
RAAF 403942 Sgt Mayne, R J (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RAAF 405360 Sgt McMichael, L K (Air Gunner)

Mainz, Germany.

27 Aug 1942

Z 1259 (Radio Call Sign UV-W)

RAAF 403152 FO Summers, J F Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 406579 PO Parsons, F E (2nd Pilot)
RAAF 405216 Sgt Munro, R J (Observer)
RAAF 404600 Sgt Bass, N G (Bombaimer)
RAAF 403878 FO Pinfold, F C (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RAAF 402683 Sgt Tubman, W H (Air Gunner)

Kassel, Germany.

27 Aug 1942

Z 1212 (Radio Call Sign UV-W)

RAAF 408139 Flt Sgt Viney, C C Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 411451 Sgt Jarrett, W W (Navigator)
RAAF 405133 WO Munckton,, H I (Air Bomber)
RAAF 411397 Sgt Smith, C H Mack (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RAAF 403158 Sgt Turner, H T A (Rear Gunner)

Kassel, Germany.

28 Aug 1942

Z 1485 (Radio Call Sign UV-B)

RAAF 403663 FO Elrington, R D Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 401559 FO Dillon, W (Navigator)
RAAF 401436 Sgt Hare, E N (Bomb Aimer)
RAAF 411413 Sgt Smith, J A Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RAAF 401469 FO Taylor, N A (Air Gunner)

Saarbrucken, Germany.

10 Sep 1942

R 1695 (Radio Call Sign UV-Y)

RAAF 404941 Flt Sgt Pearson, J C Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 407735 Sgt Evans, M J (Navigator)
RAAF 406599 Sgt Lawton, R W (Air Bomber)
RAAF 411102 FO Parton, E C (Wireless Operator)
RAAF 408194 Sgt Murphy, J H (Rear Gunner) (A member of 460 Conversion Flt)

Dusseldorf, Germany.

11 Sep 1942

Z 1216 (Radio Call Sign UV-S)

RAAF 404601 Flt Sgt Bryden J A Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 403105 Flt Sgt Brown, A E (Navigator)
RAAF 404403 Sgt Danks-Brown, K J (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
RAAF 406980 Sgt King, J K (Front Gunner)
RAAF 406453 Flt Sgt Harris, T C (Rear Gunner)


14 Sep 1942

Z 1385 (Radio Call Sign UV-Z)

RAAF 404949 Flt Sgt Brasher, E K F DFM Captain (Pilot)
RAAF 411007 Sgt Crowther A D (Navigator)
RAAF 403139 Sgt Johnson, D W (Bomb Aimer)
RAAF 403793 Sgt Monk W J C (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)*
RAAF 407992 Flt Sgt Bennett, K C (Air Gunner)

*A member of No 460 Conversion Flight.




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Firkins, Peter, "Strike and Return", Westward Ho Publishing Co., 1985

Holmes, Harry, "Avro Lancaster - The Definitive Record"

Watson, John, "460 Squadron (RAAF), Pilots and Crews"


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