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Subject:     460 Squadron
Date:              5 Jun 1998
From:            Jenny Walkom <walkom@eisa.net.au>

What a surprise to find the 460 Squadron home page while I was looking through the Internet!

My father was in this Squadron and I was very pleased to see his name; although it is spelt incorrectly. I would be grateful if you would please correct it for me.

He is listed in the section "Honours for Distinguished service" as "Daley Neville Loftus Dart". It should read "Dalby" not "Daley". (I've fixed that for you Jenny - Peter)

My father died, after a long illness, on 22nd December, 1989. My mother has just handed over to me Dad's Air Force books, papers etc.; but I'm afraid they don't contain any photos.

Thanking you,

Jenny Walkom (nee Dalby)


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