ON 19 AUGUST 1943

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On 19 August 1943 the Volunteer Air Observer Corps advised the Controller at 3 Fighter Sector Headquarters in Townsville that a USAAF glider being towed by a DC-3 had broken loose and had crashed near Mackay in north Queensland. Two US Service personnel were killed and one was injured. One Officer was able to parachute to safety. The glider was being towed from Brisbane and at an altitude of about 4,000 feet when its tail broke away. 

A search of the Ipswich US Cemetery records show there were only two people buried there who had died on 19 August 1943 as follows. They may have been the two killed in this glider crash:-

Private Chester W. Lee (37239079)
USMM Anastacio B. Payan (Z-40641)


Another glider made a forced landing between Cape Upstart and Abbott Bay on the same day.



"Over and Out - Sam's Story"
from the diary of Capt Samuel Cutler 0-208232



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