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Subject:     Interesting Site
Date:              Wed, 26 Jul 2000 12:45:27 +0930
From:            "Walton" <walton@octa4.net.au>

G'day Peter,

OK, firstly, I spent over 20 years in the Army Reserve (Infantry, Engineers,& Intel), I have recently retired from Telstra after 31 years. Reside in Darwin.

Found your "Australia @ War" website while looking for stuff related to the AIB. Enjoyed most of your subjects including "Beautiful Betsy" pics.


In the early 70's I was involved in a project with Telecom, to convert all the old private line records into a format suitable for a database. As part of this we had access to the old "secret" line info. There were some for the Prime Minister & Cabinet that went into a command post located in the tunnels near the Town Hall Station, access via heavy steel door, passage. then command, comms, and aircraft plotting/control room and map table type setup. The access was arranged for us, but doubt many people knew it existed.

Maj George Mitchell's exploits into the Kimberleys in 41-42 and later came across my desk during some Intel work in Darwin, again mentioned in an expedition by the "Dukes Mob" in 1988, then began to research him and the unit after the AWM said they didnt exist!!

Seems he was part of Gordon Bennett's W.A contingent and ran foul of the politicians at the time. Same time Stanner was setting up the "Knackeroo's" (NAOU) himself and a WA journo called Cyril Longmore formed the "Black Guard" in the Kimberleys and set up guerilla units to fight behind the lines....actually tracked one of his troop down a few years ago and spoke to him (so they did exist) It makes a long and VERY interesting story.

Regards Don



Subject:   Interesting Site
Date:           Thu, 27 Jul 2000 16:13:46 +0930
From:           "Walton" <walton@octa4.net.au>


Yes, you may put my email on webpage......I would be interested in hearing from anyone with info on Maj George Deane Mitchell MM, MHR especially a pic. Unsuccessfully tried to trace his family.

The Tunnel at Town Hall was abandoned then, just locked up. From memory, the map board showing the SydneyNewcastle Wollongong area, tables, some chairs etc, old equip racks. circa 1940-50 furniture.

Regards Don


Did you work in the Sydney Town Hall Bunker/Tunnel?


What was it used for? Which unit was based there?


1 Fighter Sector Headquarters
in a Tunnel under Circular Quay


Bunkers, Tunnels, Fortifications
in Australia during WW2



Black Charlie's Hill underground command post
near Bankstown airport

Was this part of No. 1 Fighter Sector HQ?


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