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Subject:     WNEL
Date:             Tue, 21 Nov 2000 16:20:06 +0930
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I visited your web site in the hope of finding out more about my mother's unit.

I believe the spelling was something like WNEL. Although Australian, she wore an American uniform and drove US staff cars.

Do you have any info about this particular women's unit please.


Sharon Poolier



Subject:    WNEL reply
Date:             Thu, 23 Nov 2000 08:10:53 +0930
From:            "." <>


My mother's name was Mary Spence.

She drove American officers (including Lyndon Baynes Johnson but not MacArthur who wouldn't accept women drivers) and also allied officers - Indonesians etc.

She was stationed in Townsville, but I don't know where she was barracked. I suspect that most of the women were recruited from Q'ld. Mother was from Longreach.

I understand that WNEL's were Australians 'on loan' to the US Army. The purpose of using women in this type of war effort was to free up men for combat.

Viewing her photo, the type of uniform was a plain lightweight khaki with a darker tie and an American peak cap. The photo cuts of her shoulder insignia (brass lettering) but I can make out a 'W'.

I think this is about all I can tell you.

Thank you for taking an interest.


Sharon Poolier


Can someone help us with some info on WNEL's


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