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While I was in Townsville in mid 2000, I drove down Landsborough Street in North Ward and noticed two, very large, old concrete slabs on some vacant land on the Castle Hill side of the street. They are near the North Ward Special School. 

Large Concrete slabs in Landsborough Street, North Ward


View from the other direction. Notice the Bunker on the top of Castle Hill
above and to the left of the electricity pole in the middle of the photograph

I assumed that these two large concrete slabs may have been associated with some sort of World War 2 activity and after searching the National Archives database, I found the following entries:-

RAAF Townsville Queensland Propose Acquisition of Huttley: Residence in Landsborough Street
Series number - A705
Control symbol - 171/19/516
Contents date range - 1938 - 1958
Access status - Not yet examined
Location - National Office
Barcode no - 1105045
[Transport - Transport Accidents] - Accident to AF 205877 and civilian at Landsborough Street, Townsville on 10/8/44 -
Driver LAC Bain, L G (122351) [1cm]
Series number - A705
Control symbol - 211/6/1828
Contents date range - 1944 - 1946
Access status - Not yet examined
Location - National Office
Barcode no - 3426703
Landsborough Street Townsville - Camp for Officers Sergeants and Airmen
Series number -  J2774
Control symbol - W13788
Contents date range - 1943 - 1943
Access status- Open
Location - Queensland
Barcode no - 1973161 


Was this a camp for the officers, sergeants and airmen of 3 Fighter Sector Headquarters which was stationed nearby in the Grammar School at North Ward from 25 February 1942 to about 20 December 1944?

Another source told me that the Landsborough Street site was used by US military Intelligence. There were also MPs on the site and a tent village in grounds. The site straddles a "watercourse" from Jezzine Barracks to Castle Hill.


Can anyone tell me more about what was located in Landsborough Street?

Were you based there?

Has anyone got a photograph?


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