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The Igloo at 142 Bundock Street

The Igloo was built during World War 2 by the Americans for the Australian Army, It was occupied by the Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (A.E.M.E.). In early 1944, the dirt floor was concreted and the area was then used for carrying out major repairs and servicing of military vehicles.

The building on the left is now the main display room for Kingfisher Furniture

There is a story that the Igloo was originally erected at 90 degrees to its current position. 

The first shipment of Army Ducks to arrive in Australia from America was off-loaded in Townsville. They had been shipped as deck cargo and although they were brand new they had suffered some damage due to the salt air and also some minor damage in the loading and unloading operations. They were serviced at the Igloo in Bundock Street and after they were assigned their Australian Army Number they were shipped to New Guinea, Morotai and Borneo.

A concrete building located adjacent to the Igloo at Bundock Street

The Igloo and associated buildings was initially used as a bakery after World War 2.  It was then used by Harts Cordials for many years. 

Later on "Mac" McLean and his wife Joan purchased the old WW2 Igloo and associated buildings to use them for their furniture company. "Mac" McLean had been an Air Gunner with 18 Squadron of the Netherlands East Indies Air Force during WW2. He had been involved in the crash of a B-25 Mitchell at Batchelor airfield in about March/April 1943. "Mac" continued his RAAF service after the war and at one stage they were both living in the married quarters on top of the Green Street bunker in Townsville

In October 2001, Kingfisher Furniture was utilising the Igloo and associated buildings.

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Poster from VP50 Celebrations in Townsville


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