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When the war ended in August 1945, a member of "M" Special Unit at Morotai was operating a teletype machine. Prior to the war ending, his unit was scheduled to go to the Philippines. A week later news came through that they were to disband the Intelligence HQ as soon as possible. He and about 6 others from his unit were loaded on to a B-24 along with all their paperwork in numerous filing cabinets. They moved into Allied Intelligence Bureau's (AIB) headquarters on the 4th floor at Heindorff House at 171 Queen Street in Brisbane, where they had the job of sorting out all the paperwork into two categories. The information that belonged to Australia and that which belonged to the Americans.

Those working in Heindorff House would have their lunch on the roof of Heindorff House. See photographs below, taken on the roof of Heindorff House.

L to R - Don Murdoch , Tom Boshier, Una Greer, Eric Jackson, Val Bleaney, Reg McAvaney.

L to R - Don Murdoch, John Thom, Wal Creamer, Eric Jackson, Reg McAvaney, Tom Boshier


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