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Subject:    Spitfires collide at Strathpine
Date:             Sun, 11 Apr 1999 20:00:56 +1000
From:           "Gerry Butler" <gerry@ans.com.au>

Found your site to be of great interest. The following may be of some use. Having an interest in WW2 aircraft , I have collected a reasonable amount of information.

Source: Spitfire, Mustang & Kittyhawk in Aust. Service. Stewart Wilson

RAAF No. Model RAF No. Del. Remarks/Disposal

A58-392 LF.V111 JG342 2/44 air coll. with A58-393 Strathpine 4/44

A58-393 LF.V111 JG350 2/44 air coll. with A58-392 Strathpine 4/44

I will send you more on others as soon as I find it.


Gerry Butler



Subject:     Kittyhawk A29-69
Date:              Sun, 11 Apr 1999 20:39:59 +1000
From:            "Gerry Butler" <gerry@ans.com.au>

Details for the above a/c are given as follows:

P40E US# 41-5550 Delivered 3/43 Lost to enemy action PT. Moresby 5/42

Gerry Butler



Subject:     Kittyhawk 4 Feb 42
Date:             Sat, 18 Dec 1999 16:26:08 +1100
From:            "Gerry Butler" <gerry@ans.com.au>

Dear Peter,

In my records it says that the first deliveries of Kittyhawks to the RAAF was not made until March '42 [A29-1]. This seems to suggest that this crash must have been an American aircraft. No other information at the moment.

Cheers & a Merry Xmas.
Gerry Butler.



Subject:    Kittyhawk 4 Feb'42
Date:             Mon, 20 Dec 1999 16:21:09 +1100
From:           "Gerry Butler" <gerry@ans.com.au>

Dear Peter,

Sorry for the confusion in my previous e'mail.

The crash was Kittyhawk on 4 Feb '42 at Numinbah Valley Qld. (RAAF or US ?). on your "Rest of Qld." page. As the RAAF did not take delivery of P40's until Mar. '42 it seems to suggest that it was American.

Gerry Butler.



Subject:     2 Sept 1948 ANA DC3
Date:              Sun, 7 May 2000 20:24:17 +1000
From:            "Gerry Butler" <gerry@ans.com.au>

Dear Peter,

Browsing through your site again which I have not done for some time, I came upon a crash I can help you with.

The a/c was VH-ANK "Lutana" (conv. ex-military C47). Departed Archerfield 17.30hrs 2nd. Sept 1948 for Mascot.

Crew: Capt. A. Drummond, co-pilot J.R. Atkinson and hostess B. M. Wise, all from Brisbane. There were ten passengers on board. No survivers.

The a/c crashed into Mt. Crawney (4744ft.)16nm. due east of Quirindi at aprox. 2015hrs., and 90nm.NW of the last reported position.

There was heavy cloud and rain in the area. The crash site was 4,570ft asl.

The a/c was found on 4th. Sept. at 1245hrs by an East West Airlines Avro Anson (VH-ASM) on a scheduled flight from Tamworth to Sydney.

There is a full story on this crash in "Air Crash Vol 2" by well known air accident investigator Macarther Job (Aerospace Publications) ISBN 1 875671 01 3

Gerry Butler



Subject:    2nd.Sept.48 ANA DC3
Date:             Sun, 7 May 2000 20:56:48 +1000
From:           "Gerry Butler" <gerry@ans.com.au>


Further research into the origins of VH-ANK "Lutana" shows that it was delivered to the RAAF in Aug. '43 as C-47A USAAF No. 42-24137 and given RAAF No.A65-17 and Callsign VH-CTQ.

The disposal date was 11/46 to Guinea Airways. From memory I think ANA owned Guinea at this time, therefore I'm sure these details are correct.

Gerry Butler



Subject:    NSW Spitfire BR-471
Date:             Sun, 7 May 2000 21:18:53 +1000
From:           "Gerry Butler" <gerry@ans.com.au>


Hope this might help,

F.VC A58-25 Oct/42 cs. into sea nr Wamberal (delivered 8/42.

Gerry Butler



Subject:     Beaufort Richmond May '42
Date:              Sun, 7 May 2000 22:50:24 +1000
From:            "Gerry Butler" <gerry@ans.com.au>


The only reference I can find around this date follows:

A9-11 Mk V Del 1/42 RAF T9550, crashed Richmond NSW 2/42, cnvt to compnts.

Gerry Butler

Ref:Beaufort, Beaufighter, & Mosquito



Subject:     NSW Spitfire BR-471
Date:              Wed, 10 May 2000 12:11:08 +1000
From:            "Gerry Butler" <gerry@ans.com.au>


Wamberal is on the Central Coast north of Sydney. Approx. 5nm. north of Gosford NSW.




Subject:     Airfields NSW WW2
Date:              Sun, 14 May 2000 17:02:02 +1000
From:            "Gerry Butler" <gerry@ans.com.au>


Regarding airfields in NSW (WW2) , there were arounnd Sydney to my knowledge as follows:


Further info to follow on Schofields, see what I can find on others.

Gerry Butler



Date:             Sat, 27 May 2000 15:39:45 +1000
From:            "Gerry Butler" <gerry@ans.com.au>

ON 19 JANUARY 1945


Photo appears in "The Boston. Mitchell & Liberator, in Australian Service" by Stewart Wilson. (Aerospace Publications. 1992 ISBN 1 875671 00 5).

Gerry Butler



Subject:    Old 113
Date:            Mon, 12 Jun 2000 15:04:22 +1000
From:           "Gerry Butler" <gerry@ans.com.au>

Peter ,

Read with interest the story on "Old 113" by John Laming. Don't want to confuse the issue on the A/c's identity, but the listing in "Spitfire, Mustang, & Kittyhawk" lists 113 as being sold in Aug.'57 and 173 as "struck off charge in Sept'51, crashed Kallista Vic April '62 as VH-UWB".

This appears to confirm that it was indeed 113 that Peter Flockart crashed in 1962. I used to do some motor racing in the early 60's, and am pretty sure that Peter Flockart bought the A/c from Sydney car dealer and racing identity Arnold Glass.

I remember the crash sadly as the loss of a great racing driver and aircraft. If I can find further info it will be forthcoming.

Gerry Butler.



Date:             Thu, 19 Oct 2000 21:11:50 +1000
From:           "Gerry Butler" <gerry@ans.com.au>


Many years ago Syd Marshall had an Oscar in his large collection at Bankstown. After his death Col Pay aquired Spitfire MV-239 from this collection in the early eighties. I think some time after this he also bought the Oscar with the intention of rebuilding it to airworthy standard.

I am reasonably sure that this a/c was later sold to the Alpine Collection in NZ and is now flying. I think that this a/c is the Oscar from Hanger 7.

Syd Marshall [Marshall Airways] collected a lot of WW2 a/c after the war. In his collection was:

2 Spitfires MV239 [flying with Col Pay]and MV154 [flying in the UK Robs Lamplough].
Messerschmitt Me109[went to the UK]
2 Douglas DC2's
plus a few others.

This info is all in the fuddled brain but I am sure I have some documentation to back this up. As soon as I can find it I will let you know. 

Gerry Butler



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