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Subject:   Units second world war
Date:           Mon, 2 Oct 2000 23:05:48 +0930
From:         "Dennis Whiley" <pcdrw@esc.net.au>

I found your work interesting and over the next few weeks will spend some time loking at your work.

Over the past ten years I have published a number of works on the same subjects and there for I may be of some help to you

1 Airrfields Landing grounds Flying Boat Bases

2 Directory of Royal Australian Squadrons of WW II 1939-46

Dennis Whiley



Subject:    Airfields in Papua
Date:             Sat, 7 Oct 2000 18:29:56 +0930
From:           "Dennis Whiley" <pcdrw@esc.net.au>

There were a number of operational bases around Port Moresby to be correct there were eight and all except one built during the war and they are:-

1 Berry 9.24's 147.15'e USAAF
2 Duirand 9.21's 147.11'e USAAF
3 Jacksons 9.26's 147.13'e RAAF
4 Kila Kila 9.30's 147.11'e RAAF
5 Rogers 9.00's 146.55'e USAAF
6 Schwimmer 9.23's 147.14'e USAAF
7 Waigani 9.21's 147.11'e
8 Wards 9.26's 147.13'e RAAF

As well there was one waterdrome and that was Port Moresby it was here that the flying boat squadrons were first formed that is 11 and 20 both were withdrawn to Australia early in 1942

I have Plans and lists of all units both RAAF and USAAF that were stationed at the bases.

By the way there were three airfields at Milne Bay plus the flying boat base

Dennis Whiley



Subject:   Airfield NT
Date:           Sat, 7 Oct 2000 22:29:50 +0930
From:          "Dennis Whiley" <pcdrw@esc.net.au>


MacDonald 13.46's 131.43'e RAAF abandoned 1945
Willing 13.41's 131.42'e RAAF abandoned 1945

Dennis Whiley


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