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The Civil Constructional Corps consisted of men drafted from the Main Roads Department to carry out War Works.

Men of the Allied Works Council and the Civil Constructional Corps were apparently camped in the area between Murphy Rd, Ellison Rd, Newman Rd and Hamilton Rd, Chermside in Brisbane. (UBD Map 120).

Photo:- Ian Jenkins

Civil Constructional Corps lapel badge made of
pressed iron-like metal about 3cms in diameter

Civil Constructional Corps lapel badge has the words 'CIVIL CONSTRUCTIONAL CORPS' surrounded by a cog-wheel with the letters 'CCC' in the middle of the badge. The reverse side of the badge is concave with a brass horizontal brooch pin fastener.

There was also a Civil Constructional Corps Camp located somewhere in the Colmslie area in Brisbane. There may have also been another CCC camp located in the Bulimba area of Brisbane.

The Civil Constructional Corps and the 43rd Engineer General Services Regiment, US Corps of Engineers built Carson's Field (later known as Tindal Airfield) in the Northern Territory  in 1942. It was located 17kms from Katherine in the Northern Territory and was located about 320kms by road south east of Darwin.

Some resources incorrectly refer to the CCC as the Civil Construction Corps rather than Civil Constructional Corps.




John (Jack) Bernard Noonan was a drover before the war and was contracted or part of Essential Services or Civil Constructional Corps and went to the Northern Territory where he was a cook working on the construction of the service road from Katherine to Darwin. He was in Darwin in 1942 at the time it was bombed by the Japanese.

Photo:- Jack Noonan

Jack Noonan is fourth from the left in the above photograph


Photo:- Jack Noonan

Aboriginal Camp in the Northern Territory 1940


Photo:- Jack Noonan

Native Camp in the Northern Territory in 1940


Photo:- Jack Noonan

CCC Cook house in the Northern Territory


Photo:- Jack Noonan

Frank Sheedy and Jack Noonan and friend in the CCC Camp in the Northern Territory

He then returned to Burke, NSW at the completion of this time. He took his wife and first born to Burke in New South Wales where his family stayed with her Uncle and he went to the Northern Territory as part of the CCC.

He continued contracted to the armed forces droving stock from Cunnamulla, Queensland to the Tancred Meat Works in Burke, NSW, until the end of the war. These droving trips took up to six weeks each time then they would return to collect another mob of stock.

Photo:- Jack Noonan

Jack Noonan and friend while Jack was working for the National Parks & Wildlife Service of NSW in 1975

John Noonan's son, Tim Noonan, is interested in more information about his father's time with the CCC and is looking for a CCC lapel badge. He has visited many antique shops, militaria shops that have old badges etc over a number of years but so far without success. Can anyone help Tim?



I'd like to thank Tim Noonan and Ian Jenkins for their assistance with this web page.



CCC Camp at Oonoonba, Townsville


Can anyone help me with more details on the Civil Constructional Corps?

Did you work in the Civil Constructional Corps?


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