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There were Nos shown on the records for each house, but Yvonne said that these were not house numbers. They were numbers used to count the houses/entries in that Enumeration District only.

Enumeration District: 10, page 16, No. 56

From the property of the Rev'd P. Brown up the Main Street and ending on the eastside of David Dun's property including that property, and thence in a line due South to the Back Road and down the Back Road to a point in a line with P. Brown's property and North along that line to the Main Street. Length 140 yards, Breadth 140 yards.

NAME                                               BORN

Main Street, Rutherglen

Edward  Head   M   37 y   Coal Underground Worker  Ireland
Ann     Wife   M   35 y   Labourer's wife          Ireland
Ann     Dau.       10 y   Coal Bleachfield Worker  Gorbals, Lanark
Mary    Dau.        3 y                            Gorbals, Lanark
Edward  Son        11 m                            Rutherglen, Lanark
Main Street, Rutherglen

Andrew      Head    M   55 y  Labourer             Ireland
Margaret    Wife    M   50 y  Wife                 Ireland
Elizabeth   Dau.    S   20 y  Sewster              Ireland
James       Son     S   18 y  Coal Miner           Ireland
Margaret    Dau.    S   16 y  Steamloom Factory    Ireland
William LEE resides      7 y                       Rutherglen, Lanark

Main Street, Rutherglen

Hugh Kenney    Head   M   36 y  Labourer           Ireland
Bethie Kenney  Wife   M   33 y                     Ireland
Jean Kenney    Dau.       11 y  at school          Ireland
John Kenney    Son         8 y  at school          Ireland
Mary Kenney    Dau         2 y                     Rutherglen, Lanark
James Docherdy Lodger     23 y  Labourer           Ireland
Widow Docherdy mother Wid 60 y                     Ireland

Main Street, Ruthergland

Neil Docherty     Head   M  30 y  Coal Miner         Ireland
Hellen Docherty   Wife   M  27 y  Coal Miner's wife  Ireland
Thomas Docherty   Son        3 y  at home            Rutherglen, Lanark
Robert Cassells   Lodger U   4 m                     Lanark, Glasgow
James McChlisty   Lodger U  22 y  Coal miner         Ireland
James Meichan     Lodger U  20 y  Coal Miner         Ireland
John McCabe       Lodger U  40 y  Coal bottimer?     Ireland

Enumeration District: 11, page ??, No. ??

From the east side of David Dun's property up the Main Street to Muir Kirk
Road and South that Road to the east end of the Back Road and down the Back
Road to a line on the east side of David Dun's property and North along
that line to Main Street. Length 140 yards, breadth 140 yards.

Main Street, Rutherglen

Daniel Doucharty    Head  M  28 y  Coliers Labourer   Ireland
Mary Doucharty      Wife  M  28 y                     Ireland
Cathrin  Doucharty  dau.      3 y                     Scotland



43 King St.,

DOCHERTY Ann       Head  Widow  48 yrs  Washerwoman      Ireland
         Mary      Dau.         14 yrs  Cotton Mill      Glasgow, LNK
         Edward    Son          11 yrs  Coal Miner       Rutherglen, LNK
         Margaret  Dau.          5 yrs                   Rutherglen, LNK
GRAHAM Thomas      Boarder      30 yrs  Coal Miner       Ireland
       Betty?      Boarder      34 yrs  Coal Miner Wife  Ireland
       Margret *   Dau          15 yrs  Steam Loom       Lanarkshire,
                                        Weaver           Glasgow
       Roger       Son          12 yrs  Coal Miner       Lanarkshire,
       Patrick     Son           9 yrs  Scholar          Lanarkshire,

This means that Edward Docherty died between 1851 and 1861.

* I received a message from a Dean Pascoe from Oracle PC-Network BBS (08-2340791) in Adelaide on 27 Sep 1994 saying that the above Margret Graham was one of his. Later on he said that now he's not sure!!


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