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Norfolk Island is an Australian territory located about 800 kms north west of New Zealand and 1,610 kms north east of Sydney. There was a cable station linking New Zealand and Australia located on Norfolk Island. Norfolk Island is about 8 kms long 5 kms wide.

In September 1942 a large Army camp was located on Norfolk Island to house a 1500-strong force of New Zealand infantry and artillery known as "N" Force ("Nuts-Force") which was established from a Territorial battalion. 

The 215 Composite AA Battery sailed for Norfolk in October 1942. They had 4 x 3.7" guns, 8x 40mm QF, 4x 155mm guns, and a field troop of 25 pounders.

The 36th Battalion (A, B, C, and D Companies) relieved a company of AIF. From 29 March 1943 through to the 7 April 1943, the 36th Battalion were replaced by 1st Battalion of the Wellington-West Coast Regiment.

An airfield was constructed on Norfolk Island for use by the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF). 

There were also Coast Watchers located on Norfolk Island during WW2.

There are three NZ Army Infantry Brigade servicemen's graves in the town cemetery on Norfolk Island.

Hodder, C F. accidentally drowned 25/10/42
Nash, J died of sickness 30/10/42
Swarbrick, P died accident 12/3/43





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"The Oxford Companion to New Zealand Military History" (2000).



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