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Camp Seymour was originally an old WW2 facility at Mangalore just NNE of Seymour in Victoria about 90kms north of Melbourne. It was accessible by a railway line that runs directly north out of Melbourne.

The 41st Infantry Division moved to Camp Seymour after finding that Camp Darley and Camp Pell were unsuitable for training purposes. They slept in tents with floors at Camp Seymour but minus cots. They slept on bags stuffed with straw.

The following units of the 41st Infantry Division were located at Camp Seymour in June 1942:-

- Headquarters Company 41st Infantry Division (Tri)
- MP Co 41st Infantry Division (Tri)
- Hq & HQ Btry 41st Div Arty & Band
- 41st Recon Trp
- 41st Signal Co

Food was cooked in two oil drums converted into cookers. Usually one was full of mutton and the other contained stewed coffee.

American Soldiers cleaning their dixies before their meal at Camp Seymour

The men of Cannon Company, 162nd Infantry, 41st Division camped at Camp Seymour for some time before moving to Rockhampton, Queensland, arriving there on 30 July 1942.

The 84th Ordnance Company (Depot) of the US Army was also based at Camp Seymour. They were located there in June 1942.



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