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Photo:- P. Dunn - March 2002

There are 3 bomb shelters from WW2 in this section of East Street, Fortitude Valley.
They have been modified to turn them into an open air shelter. The Valley
Baths in Wickham Street can be seen at the left hand side of the photograph

Air Raid shelters designed by the Brisbane City Council

In 1942, The Brisbane City Council designed an Air Raid Shelter for the citizens of Brisbane to protect them against the real threat of Japanese bombing raids. They were built in many locations across the city and many of them are still standing to this day. They were designed by the Council's architect so that after the war, the brick blast walls could be removed and the remaining structure could be used as a bus or tram shelter.


Photo:- P. Dunn - March 2002

WW2 bomb shelter in East Street, Fortitude Valley


Photo:- P. Dunn - March 2002

WW2 Bomb shelter in Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley
almost opposite the Valley Baths


Photo:- P. Dunn - March 2002

The same WW2 Bomb shelter in Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley
with the Headquarters building for the 81st Air Depot Group in the
background, located on the corner of Church Street and Wickham Street


Air Raid Shelters in Brisbane


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