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At the end of 1941, the Bishop managed to convince the military authorities to release Robert  L. Mills to become the headmaster of the school, a role he continued through to 1947.

St. Gabriel's was commandeered by the Military for use as 116 AGH. All Soul's school camped at Dalrymple in tents on the banks of the Burdekin River for 1942. Dalrymple is 30 miles from Charters Towers. Mr. Evans looked after the establishment of the camp at Dalrymple while Mr Mills looked after the evacuation of the school. 

Photo:- "That's Why We're Here!"

Staff at All Souls' Camp School at Dalrymple

A telephone was established at the Camp and it was registered under the name of ""All Souls' Camp School". There were about 180 students and 40 others including teachers. The initial accommodation at the camp comprised:-

They obtained a good cooking range from Fletchervail for a new kitchen that they built.

Photo:- "That's Why We're Here!"

Dormitories at Dalrymple


Photo:- "That's Why We're Here!"

Classrooms at Dalrymple in 1942


Photo:- "That's Why We're Here!"

All Souls' Camp School at Dalrymple


Photo:- "That's Why We're Here!"

Haircuts at Dalrymple


Photo:- "That's Why We're Here!"

Work gang at Dalrymple


Photo:- "That's Why We're Here!"

Gymnastics at Dalrymple

The boys loved their early morning swim in the Burdekin River. It was much better fun than the cold showers at their usual school.

The school later moved to the Charters Towers racecourse.

Photo:- "That's Why We're Here!"

Three beds were crammed into each horse stall
when the school moved to the racecourse


Photo:- "That's Why We're Here!"

Table tennis at the Racecourse in 1943

The students finally returned to the school on 6 June 1944 ("D" Day).

After the war, the school acquired a number of ex-Army buildings. Some were used as dormitories and a dining hall for over 40 years. They have now been demolished. Others were used for a music hall and class rooms.

Photo:- "That's Why We're Here!"

Ex Army buildings used at the school after WW2


Photo:- "That's Why We're Here!"

Ex Army buildings used at the school after WW2


Photo:- "That's Why We're Here!"

These ex Army buildings have now been demolished


Photo:- "That's Why We're Here!"

The old music hall building being relocated in 1960
to become the laundry for the Page Housemaster



"That's Why We're Here!"
"A Pictorial history of All Souls' and St Gabriel's School, 1920-1987"
by James C. Francis



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