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John Barr worked with Mick Statham at the Goods Shed in Ayr during the 1980's. Mick was in Coastal Defence, and in "Commonwealth Construction" at Garbutt. One of the subjects they talked about was the landing of Japanese troops on Australian soil. Japanese Submarine crews often landed on Cape Upstart before the war to take on fresh water. 

Mick was apparently a coast watcher at Cromarty near Giru. He told the "story" of 106 Japanese Marines being spotted coming ashore at Cromarty. The only troops available were the American Negroes unit at Woodstock airfield. The 91st Engineers and the 46th Engineers both helped to build the Woodstock airfield in April 1942.

The Negro troops were brought down by train and a short battle ensured. Apparently two Negroes were wounded and a number of Japanese Marines were killed. They were taken and held at the cutting at Kissing Point. These were apparently the same Negroes that held the demonstration for their basic rights near Stuart Station during WW2.

This story is currently unsubstantiated by any documented evidence or reports from individuals directly involved in this "incident".



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