MARRIAGE DATE
John HUXTABLE               1801   Alice SEARLE
John HUXTABLE         7 Apr 1801   Alice SEARLE
Henry HUXTABLE       22 Oct 1695   Ann HILL
John HUXTABLE         6 Feb 1693   Dorothy POPE
Wm. HUXTABLE          1 Oct 1787   Elizth. WILLIAMS
Samuell HUXSTABLE    13 Jul 1667   Frances GOODMAN
Wm. HUXTABLE          3 Apr 1809   Grace BARTLETT
George HUXTABLE      19 May 1778   Margt. SHORT
Edmund HUXTABLE      26 Dec 1802   Mary SMITH
John HUXTABLE        20 Aug 1780   Mary STADER
Edmund HUXTABLE      29 Apr 1767   Rachel SCUTT
Edmund HUXTABLE      23 Mar 1778   Rachel SHUTE
John HUXTABLE         7 Jul 1766   Susanna HUTCHINS
Mary HUXTABLE         3 Jun 1656   Arthur FEATHERSTONE
Mary HUXTABLE         6 Apr 1719   Christopher BEAR
Mary HUXTABLE         6 Apr 1719   Christopher BEER
Honor HUXTABLE       10 Apr 1713   Edward CLARK OR HEARD
Mary HUXTABLE        18 Oct 1808   George BATES
Willmot HUXTABLE      9 Jul 1739   George CHAPPLE
Elizabeth HUXTABLE   25 Mar 1800   George CHAPPLE
Elizabeth HUXTABLE   10 May 1804   George CHAPPLE
Mary HUXTABLE        10 May 1804   George CHAPPLE
Eliz. HUXTABLE       13 Feb 1710   Jacob PENBERTHY
Mary HUXTABLE         4 Dec 1803   John CHAPPLE
Sarah HUXTABLE       26 Sep 1810   John HOLLWAY
Rachel HUXTABLE      20 Aug 1795   John MANNING
Mary HUXTABLE         9 Mar 1786   John MILDON
Mary HUXTABLE        15 Apr 1719   John MOOR
Elizth. HUXTABLE     22 Oct 1800   John SQUIRE
Ann HUXTABLE         25 Jan 1641   Matthew BEERE
Betty HUXTABLE       28 Dec 1773   Simon WHITEFIELD
Mary HUXTABLE        23 Apr 1684   Tho. BUSHON
Mary HUXSTABLE       20 Feb 1673   Thomas CLATWORTHEY
Elizabeth HUXTABLE   13 Apr 1841   Thomas HOLLAND
Elizabeth HUXTABLE   24 Sep 1751   William
Susanna HUXTABLE     16 Apr 1816   William CHAPPLE
Elizabeth HUXTABLE   17 Jun 1788   William SMITH


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