CHALLACOMBE near Barnstaple, DEVON

                   MARRIAGE DATE
William HUXTABLE     24 Mar 1828   Ann DALLYN
Richard HUXTABLE      5 May 1708   Christian TUCHER
Anthony HUXTABLE     11 Apr 1832   Elizabeth LANCEY
Edward HUXTABLE      26 Apr 1769   Joan DALLYE
John HUXTABLE        19 Apr 1814   Joan JARMAN
William HUXTABLE      3 May 1834   Mary Ann RIDD
Richard HUXTABLE     26 Mar 1820   Rebecca DALLYN
Ames HUXTABLE        27 Feb 1600   Rebecca REEDE
Eliz. HUXTABLE       13 Aug 1741   Francis REDD
Rebecca HUXTABLE      8 Mar 1760   John RIDD
Elizabeth HUXTABLE   25 Mar 1829   William DALLYN
Elizabeth HUXTABLE   22 Apr 1699   Wm RUD
Elizabeth HUXTABLE   22 Apr 1699   Wm. REED
Elizabeth HUXTABLE   13 Aug 1741   Francis RIDD


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