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Subject:    Boomerang accident 11th June 1943
Date:             Wed, 28 Jul 1999 15:51:43 Australia/NSW
From:           <crgoon@one.net.au>


My brother and I are certain that the fellow standing second from the right with his hands on his hips is our father, Roy Goon. Dad was based at Townsville and when he became Squadron Leader had his own Boomerang Reg MHG which were our Mother's initials.

You may be aware that he was "Bluey" Truscott's instructor. He was mentioned in the book Bluey Truscott - can't remember the author for the moment.

Dad had a Boomerang squadron No ? at Exmouth (Potshot).

A facinating site - keep up the good work,

Colin and Chris Goon.


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Subject:    Boomerang accident 11th June 1943
Date:             Fri, 30 Jul 1999 11:37:39 Australia/NSW
From:           <crgoon@one.net.au>

We have Dad's log books and all the aircraft he flew - Chris has them so when I can, I'll scan a few pages and send them to you.

Dad was Squadron Leader of either 83 or 85 Squadron. He actually flew the Boomerang at Fisherman's Bend before it was commissioned

Written by Ivan Southall. Dad was one of the invited guests at the opening of the Bluey Truscott room/ memorial at the MCG- Bluey was a Melbourne player before the war. Dad also got a gong in a book released by the Ausralian Gov. called "Dinky Di" which was released about three years ago - stories of Australian born of Chinese who served in WW2. Recently there was a fantastic and very emotional show on the ABC about Jack Sue who served in Malaya (undercover infiltration) - he has a chapter in "Dinky Di" too.

Colin and Chris Goon.


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