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38th Bomb Group
"The Sun Setters"

Bryan Elliott's Home Page
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and his father Ralph C. Elliott


Subject:     Howdy!
Date:              Thu, 27 May 1999 06:18:12 -0500
From:            "Bryan Elliott" <roughcut@earthlink.net>

Howdy from Texas Mr. Dunn! Or shall I say G'day?

Glad to hear from you on the 38th Bomb Group. Seems like you've done some extensive research on many squadrons around that time. You've got a very informative web page. I had many photos my father took from Itami, Japan and decided to make a "mini-museum" with them and include some of my own.

Have you been to Mr. Aranashi's page on his hometown of Itami, Japan? Here's the address if you care to take a gander:


Thanks and take care,

Bryan Elliott


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